Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Seattle Adventure

Well, you see, I've got this blog (and this long list of e-mail addresses) to post things about "Da Big Trip," but that's over with – so what am I to do with it now?

Anyway, this friend invited me to bring Leo and join him on the observation deck of Columbia Towers, the tallest building in Seattle at 937 feet, and . . . you know, one thing led to another . . . so now I've got a bunch of interesting pictures . . . and, nothing really to do with 'em . . . so why not?

As we approached the building, we could see that it was so tall that it took both of us to look at it, although once on top, things looked a whole lot smaller.

Here's the Space Needle (6th tallest at 605 ft.), and, as you can see, we're ever so slightly above the top of it – it must be built on a higher plot of ground.

Just over there, above where I-5 and I-90 meet, just right of center, is the headquarters of Amazon.com; also, doesn't it look intriguing the way those freeways swirl around?

Of course, that's Lake Washington in the background, and here's the scoop on the bridges (courtesy of Wikipedia):
The Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge is a floating bridge that carries the eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 across Lake Washington from Seattle to Mercer Island, Washington. It is the second longest floating bridge in the world, at 6,620 feet (2,019 meters); the
longest, incidentally, is the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge [7,578 feet (2,310 meters)] just a few miles to the north on the same lake, built 23 years later.

Here's the area of Seattle known as "Pill Hill" because of all its medical facilities, and behind that is a part of the hip residential area known as Capitol Hill.

Right next to Columbia Tower is the Seattle Municipal Tower (722 ft), the 4th tallest building in Seattle. It looks imposing from the ground up, but rather diminutive when viewed from above.

You can form your own opinion on the siting of the new Sculpture Garden – here it is in the quarter just below the middle of this picture -- if you look closely, you can make out the "typewriter eraser," and, well above that, the red thingie is the eagle.